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The FDA's Veterinary Feed Directive Final Rule: What Veterinarians & Food Producers Need To Know?

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Course Description:

         The revised rule now requires producers to administer antibiotics with a marketing status through animal feed under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian to ensure the drugs are only being used when necessary to treat an infection in an animal.

         The FDA final rule requires veterinary oversight in a way that allows for the flexibility needed to accommodate the diversity of circumstances that veterinarians encounter while ensuring such oversight is conducted in accordance with nationally consistent principles. This course is to give you better understanding what changes apply to you either as veterinarians, animal food producers or distributors.

         The VFD won't change the farming world a great deal; however it will require some additional planning and subsequent record-keeping. The FDA established that use of medically important drug should limited :

  • Are considered necessary for assuring animal health (i.e., medically important antibiotics should not be used to promote animal growth or to improve feed efficiency)
  • And include veterinary oversight or consultation (i.e., medically important antibiotics should not be used in the feed or drinking water of food-producing animals without veterinary oversight or consultation)

What are the changes?

  • Animal Producers will not be able to buy medically important antimicrobial over the counter (As of January 1, 2017)
  • The use of medically important antimicrobial products will be permitted only when authorized by a veterinarian
  • And in used in compliance with Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Rule
  • Antimicrobial in feed helps with "growth promotion" or "feed efficiency" (Production claim) is no longer appearing in the label

Why these changes?

  • To address microbial resistance in human and animal health

Why should you Attend?

         This 1 hour virtual seminar will explain how to comply with the VFD Final rule and understand better following topics:

  • To understand FDA/CVM Regulation to help ensure judicious use of antibiotics in food-producing animals (Agency overall strategy)
  • To understand several major changes to current VFD regulations in part 558

         This webinar will help you navigate these changes in order to avoid confusion what has changes starting Jan1, 2017.

Areas Covered:

  • What is the VFD Rule?
  • What are the changes?
  • What is VFD Drugs (in or animal feed)?
  • What is VFD Feed (Type A medicated article, Type B and Type C medicated drugs)?
  • Is it Type A, B or C medicated drugs can be fed to animals?
  • Label requirements for Type A, B, and C medicated drugs
  • What is VFD Order?
  • How long to keep VFD Order?
  • Roles of each party (Veterinarian, client and Distributor)
  • Why Veterinarian needs to authorize VFD?
  • What is VCPR ?

Who will benefit?

This webcast will be of a valuable assistance to the below audience.

  • Cattle and Dairy Producers
  • Poultry and Pig Producers
  • Veterinarians
  • Feed Mills Producers/Vendors
  • Animal Care Takers (Owners)
  • Other Livestock Producers

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Speaker Details

Dr. Bernadette Alisantosa

Dr. Bernadette Alisantosa

Veterinary Medicine

Bernadette Alisantosa obtained her MPVM degree from University of CA, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. She is ACLAM Diplomate since 2009. Currently she is working as the Attending Veterinarian for George Mason Univeristy in Fairfax, VA. Her interests are focused on food producing animals and their health related to human health and zoo noses impact in public health.

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