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The One Day Practical and Thorough HR Audit - Management Practices

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Managers need oversight, review of practices and performance management just as employees do. Considering managers use their independent judgment to make decisions of larger magnitude, breadths of scope and strategic degree it is more important to have oversight over your managers. If you hire and promote good managers, train and supervise your managers, they will manage the employees appropriately to accomplish company goals. If you do not, new managers do not know what to do and can unwittingly make costly or big easily avoided mistakes.

Lastly, managers promoted just because of tenure, not trained and left to their own devices can turn into “rogue managers” – pursuing their own agenda and not the companies. Rogue managers create their own reward systems, internal policies and pursue their own agenda, rather than considering and instituting, what the company wants for both its business and its employees. Their influence can poison more than just their own department; in a small business, they can poison the whole business.

Why should you Attend?

Truthfully, employees often leave companies for factors such as pay. However if your reward packages are competitive, not even the best but competitive, it is more often a management person that prompts an employee to set out in search of a better situation. A better situation that the employees you would like to keep will certainly find. Because employees do not typically leave a company, but leave because of a person, who is often a manager. Alternatively, an employee leaves because of general poor leadership of the group, which affects the employee adversely. What can be even worse though are the employee who stay because either they have to or just cannot be bothered to look for another job. Why is that worse? Because you are not getting the best performance out of employees that are trapped or not being managed to their best performance. You might even be getting purposefully substandard behavior.

Additionally a group not managed or properly led will certainly create dysfunctional behaviors, which will cause high performers and reasonable people to flee. The worst of all is the manager who likes managing people as if they are his or her personal group of assistants; making them help bury the bodie, go against company interests, practice favoritism, carry out their personal business polices, even submit to harassment. Those managers only retain their own like, meaning you have created and allowed a training program for training future managers to be bad managers and develop employees to become company saboteurs.

Areas Covered:

This 60 mins course will cover:
  • Management basics
  • Performance management of managers
  • Choosing your best managers
  • Hiring and background checking including internal controls over promotions
  • Documentation processes
  • Putting a stop to rogue managers
  • Management training basics
  • Managing managers for basic compliance
  • Handling workplace complaints processes
  • Supervisor files – What to keep, safekeeping, what not to keep and what to send to HR

Who will benefit?

  • Plant Managers
  • Division Managers
  • HR Generalists
  • HR Managers
  • HR Directors
  • Business Owners
  • Assistant Managers who manages managers or supervisors

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Teri Morning

Teri Morning


Teri Morning, in addition to a MBA, has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development with a specialization in Conflict Management. She was certified by the State of Indiana in mediation skills, is qualified as a Myers-Briggs practitioner and holds the dual SHRM certification of a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources – California (SPHR-CA)

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