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No More Bad Budgets! How to Ensure Accountability Exists Your Budget Process

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This program was originally developed for CFOs, Controllers, and Finance Officers of smaller organizations. These internal leaders carry the responsibility to set the “tone at the top” for ethical conduct.

This material has been road tested and is highly rated.

Why should you Attend?

In each annual budget process, employees play games, withhold vital information, refuse to share, and half heartedly define the resources they need. What is worse is that many of these misbehaviours demonstrate disrespect for policies. Yet, these behaviours go unpunished because they are rewarded. This shows a clear lack of compliance.

There are numerous ways to hold resource managers and employees accountable for their actions and decisions, yet few leaders practice them. Accountability is like quality – you only notice it when it’s not there. Companies that create a common and acceptable definition of accountability foster strong commitment and personal responsibility. Because accountability has a direct and immediate impact on profits, in this unique session you will learn about the complexities and facets of accountability.

Areas Covered:

  • Identify what a lack of accountability, budget battles, and budget games signify.
  • Determine why accountability is missing from your budget.
  • The three cornerstones for a culture of accountability.
  • The real reasons why managers play “budget games.”
  • Understand how to globally strengthen accountability.

Learning Objectives:

This interactive webcast enables you to build accountability into the process of budgeting by providing a deep understanding of complexities and facets of accountability, especially within the budget process.

By the end of this webcast, you will be able to:

  • Summarize the traits of the high road® budget culture and its relationship to accountability, ethics, and transparency.
  • Identify and communicate the five ingredients that together with accountability create ethical conduct.
  • Inspect your organization’s culture to determine if it contains the three cornerstones for a culture of accountability.
  • Immediately impact the accountability around the budget process by employing a budget responsibility statement.
  • Develop both rewards and incentives that reward accountability and put an end to the most common budget games.
  • Describe an overall planning process where people have to be accountable to their budget and goals.

Who will benefit?

Key decision makers in small and middle-market organizations. Any executive who is responsible for managing the precious resources of their organization. Those responsible include:

  • CEOs and COOs
  • Senior managers
  • CFOs and Controllers
  • Members of a Board of Directors
  • Internal Auditors
  • Business owners
  • Directors and senior managers of a not-for-profit or NGO

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Ron  Rael

Ron Rael

Professional SOX Coach

Ron Rael, CPA, CGMA is the Founder and CEO of the High Road® Institute, an organization helping people and their employers benefit from optimizing human potential in the workplace, in leadership, and in society. “We encourage leaders to take the path less traveled, which requires tremendous professionalism, courage, and dedication.”

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