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Healthcare and The Cloud: What is Needed to Make It Work and Be HIPAA Compliant

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         Cloud Computing has become part of many organizations' IT strategies, whether as ways to economize operations, expand flexibility, increase adaptive agility, or to turn IT into an outsourced operational expense. Like any strategy, execution must be properly planned to gain the desired benefits. The marketing FUD promised assured "cost savings and economies", almost as if they were automatic. The reality for early adopters trusting these pronouncements was rather more painful and disappointing.

         Cloud computing can be a very effective part of a healthcare organization's IT strategy and bring many benefits to it. But like most paradigm shifts, and "going to the Cloud" is certainly one of these, much must first understood about how the business is functionally arranged, and then mapped to how cloud can adapt to and support that arrangement. Through careful planning and even better execution to achieve long-term, and progressively stable, compliant performance, Cloud Computing can be orchestrated to make beautiful financial and operational music.

         Many questions persist about whether or not Cloud Computing is suitable or even allowed as part of healthcare information management, due mostly to not understanding what the HIPAA rules permit, and the extent of the planning required is to bring it all together compliantly.

Why should you Attend?

         This webinar will discuss the ways and means of getting up to speed on the issues and how to effectively address them. This discussion will help attendees lay out the plan to make the Cloud work and to get the assurance that their compliance posture is correctly done, their operations are well-planned and their patient data is safe.

Areas Covered:

  • Understanding and Interpreting the Organizational layout to the Cloud
  • Understanding the compliance requirements in the Cloud context
  • The SLA and Its importance as a Management and Control Vehicle
  • Recap: What To Get and Do Before the "Big Move"

Who will benefit?

This webcast will be of a valuable assistance to the below audience.

  • CISO
  • CIO
  • IT Management
  • Operations Management
  • Senior IT Security

  • Healthcare & Related
  • HCCA
  • CSA
  • ISSA

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Healthcare and The Cloud, Cloud Computing, going to the Cloud, Cloud context, Control Vehicle, IT Security, HIPAA rules

Speaker Details

Ross Leo

Ross Leo

HIPAA Privacy and Security Consultant

Ross Leo has been in Information Systems since 1977, and an Information Security professional for over 35 years. He has worked internationally as a Systems Analyst/Engineer and as a Security and Privacy Consultant. Ross received recommendations from Karl Rove and Tom Delay in 2003 to fill the position of White House Cybersecurity Advisor to the President, as successor to Howard Schmidt.

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