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Form I-9 Employment Eligibility

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         Immigration enforcement is on the rise. With increased funding and driven by public outcry, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, is on the audit trail, ready to levy big fines for employers not in compliance.

         Ever changing immigration laws, cautious environment, ever vigilant officers, costly fines for potential violations - few of the issues faced by your organization. Most organisations are suffering from innocent mistakes made with regard to employment verification and other immigration laws. Form I-9 is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment. Join us as we explore a range of questions surrounding Form I9, with emphasis on changing federal immigration law, the issues faced by employer and the newer challenges associated with it.

         In this informative one-hour program, you'll get the information you need to ensure your organization is correctly filling out the I-9 form correctly for each employee, collecting proper documentation and complying with recordkeeping best practices.

         Today's times, immigration law is one of the most pertinent and publicized issues in the United States. Businesses across all industries and of all sizes are being affected. More than ever before, the courts are penalizing organizations like yours and people like you for failing to comply with complex and ever-changing immigration regulations.

  • Erroneous or missing data - how can you properly them?
  • What is the time frame in which forms must be completed?
  • Details required from an employee like his/her social security number?
  • Discriminate and the rule against workers during the Form I-9 and E-Verify processes
  • Is photocopying an employee's verification documents allowed?
  • Are employers allowed to help a new hire fill out Section 1 of the I-9?
  • Details about acceptable document employee are allowed to choose to present for Form I-9
  • What is the e-Verify program and should I be using it?

Why should you Attend?

         The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) is going all-out in its "bold new audit initiative" to crack down on employers who violate immigration laws. Administrative I-9 audits are ICE's tool of choice. Too often, company execs and HR managers assume their I-9 compliance practices are in order when, in fact, their records and policies are littered with mistakes, leaving the business and individuals open to fines, lawsuits, and jail time.

Few things this webinar would help you explore:

  • Improve your organisational confidence in the compliance with federal laws
  • Keep up with the most current information concerning immigration regulations, including the most recent employment verification rules and I-9 form changes
  • Get in-depth knowledge and know-how needed to ensure your documentation is filled out appropriately, your records are kept correctly and your organization is legally compliant
  • Legal and penalties that you and the legal compliance aspects involved in Form I9, its maintenance and required laws

Areas Covered:

  • Why it's critical to undertake an internal audit of your I-9 records now?
  • The penalties for I-9 forms missing signatures, dates or box checkmarks
  • How to properly correct I-9 form errors?
  • Mandatory time frames for completing each section of the I-9
  • When a new hire must provide you with his/her social security number?
  • Tips for properly verifying employee eligibility through documentation
  • Options for re-verifying information or updating re-hire information in Section 3
  • Which documents are required by the new I-9 for verifying identity and work eligibility?
  • Strategies to avoid becoming personally liable for signing the I-9
  • Up-to-date information on the e-Verify program

Who will benefit?

  • CFO's
  • Payroll and accounting managers
  • Payroll processing professionals
  • Employers and business owners
  • Human resources specialists and managers
  • E-Verify users
  • Anyone interested in learning about the Form I-9

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Speaker Details

David Sanders PhD

David Sanders PhD

Payroll, HR, Accounting, Tax & Finance Consultant

Dr. David has a wealth of experience to share that is supported by impeccable financial credentials including over 37 years experience in the financial industry and holds numerous degrees including Accounting, Business Administration, Taxation and Finance. For the past 37 years David experience has included, Accounting Manager, Corporate Controller, Tax Auditor, CFO and Senior Partner for different Accounting/ Tax/ Auditing firms located in the US.

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